Photos reproduced by kind permission of Malmsbury Historical Society.

In the 1850s the township was a thriving centre of commerce.
Supply shops lined Mollison and Orr Streets to service the passing trade.

Almost 150 years later, Katherine and Anthony Allen have taken over the Malmsbury Bakery to continue the town’s tradition of providing passers by with sustenance for both stomach and soul.

With their small team of staff, each dedicated to serving up hand crafted recipes with a friendly smile, the couple’s vision is to build an authentic country experience based on their love of traditional wholesome recipes.

Anthony finished his apprenticeship at the bakery 14 years ago. With his vast experience working with local produce and people he is well known for his dedication and hard work. Both Katherine and Anthony have a honest sense of community and are both very happy to promote their wonderful towns history and share in its humble qualities.
Over the years the Bakery has remained a favourite rest stop along the Calder Freeway and a popular place for locals to meet and share a simple, hearty meal.